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Edwin Manzoni - A Private Spanish Tutor

A Spanish Tutor has to be fluent in their language and they must speak English at least 90%. Thankfully, learning Spanish with Edwin Manzoni isn’t that hard. To employ a Spanish Tutor, first of all, you need to determine which Spanish course you want to study.

Spanish is used by 364 million persons worldwide and is one of the five most spoken languages in the world.

If you want to travel in Latin America -or to prepare yourself for job prospects which require Spanish – it is indispensable that you have a good grasp of the language. Panajachel is a great place to learn Spanish fast. Guatemala It’s one of the safest countries in Latin America and the cost of living is relatively low. And where is it more fun to study Spanish than in the most beautiful lake in the world, Atitlan Lake?

While you study Spanish With  Edwin Manzoni, you will Learn more than the regular Schools.

The package we offer includes:
– Housing with a Guatemalan guest family in Panajachel. Half pension;
– Private Spanish classes of 4 hours a day 5 days a week;
– Study material
– City Tour in Panajachel when you arrive
– No Inscription fee
— Pay as you go

The Spanish language is a traditional language of the people of Central-America. It is known by the name Latin American Spanish, spoken by the Central America and Latin-America people. It is a difficult language in practice to learn but the view has changed by the teaching institutions with trained teachers. People new to Canada and United States have the need to study this language to communicate with other Central American people. Learning the Spanish language is made easy by the tailor-made Guatemalan center in Guatemala. This is an official member of the French connection network. Corporate, embassies individuals and students can learn this language without any difficulty by the Spanish schools.

Many Spanish Learners that I have met in Panajachel made this kind of mistakes, I was talking to a couple the other day and we were discussing that when they learn a couple of words in Spanish they believe that they can speak Spanish, without the right direction you might find out the hard way that you don’t know how to keep a conversation with a Latin-American person.

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